Lucille Rae Hart: A Birth Story

Well, here we are.. Almost a full month later and I’m finally sitting down to write about Luci girl’s birth story. Time sure flies when it’s not your first time parenting a newborn. It might not even need to be mentioned but, this is a birth story so with that being said, if you don’t want to hear about things that would be associated with birth, feel free to click away now 🙂

On Saturday, August 25th, we celebrated John’s birthday. My due date was August 29th, but at one of my OB appointments, the doctor had said “I won’t be surprised if you go into labor early!” First of all, never tell a pregnant woman that. I had my hopes up way too high from that statement! I think the idea of John and Lucille sharing a birthday had unintentionally sent us up to the hospital for false labor. After getting ready for the day I had felt like maybe my water had broke, so to be on the safe side, we headed up to the hospital to get things checked out. Unfortunately for my pregnant self, my contractions were not consistent enough and my water had not broke so we were sent back home. We went about our day and ventured up to the county fair for the evening with my family. I was pretty sure something was going to happen that evening so we told my mom to keep her phone nearby in case we needed her to stay with Lincoln.

Spoiler alert, the rest of the weekend went by and nothing had progressed. On Monday I was started to get things ready for Lincoln’s 4th birthday (I had the same due date for both Lincoln & Lucille, but Lincoln wasn’t born until September 2nd). I wanted to get any party items and gifts wrapped before Luci did arrive. I got a phone call asking if I could switch my next OB appointment from Thursday to Tuesday and I had no objections. Tuesday came and I went to my appointment. My OB had asked if I was interested in being induced the next day on my due date. I decided to schedule an induction even though I wasn’t entirely sure that I wanted it or not. I figured I would give myself the night to decide but keep the appointment just in case. I called my mom and let her know so that she could bring Lincoln to daycare for me the next morning.

I went home and continued to dwell on the idea. I decided to Google search elective induction and I still wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Everything that I read said that things could progress slowly and contractions could be stronger. As much as I was tired of being pregnant, I couldn’t decide on how I felt about the induction. We went to bed as normal and I woke up a few times during the night with what I thought were more Braxton Hicks contractions. Since I had been having them all weekend, I didn’t think too much of it. We woke up early and headed to the hospital for our 6 AM induction. After registering, we headed up to the Family Birthing Center and I had to stop in the hallway to breathe through a contraction. We got up to our room, got hooked up to the monitors and waited for the doctor to arrive. Once she arrived, we let her know about the contractions and she checked how things were going. It turns out that I was already dilated to 4CM and she told us, “well, you seem to already be doing this on your own so we don’t need to start anything for you!” I was so relieved because I was actually quite scared about being induced.

After the doctor had left, my blood was drawn, and more paperwork was filled out, it was about 8 AM. My contractions seemed to be getting more consistent but were still tolerable. The nurse had asked if I wanted to be able to walk around and I thought that sounded good so she started to set up a wireless monitor. The other OB doctor came in and checked how things were going and decided to break my water for me. After that was over, I asked if I was able to get an epidural soon as I was starting to feel a lot more pressure. They called the anesthetist and told me that it would be about a half hour before she arrived. I figured it would be a good time to get up and use the restroom and John decided to go down to the cafeteria to get some breakfast. As I was in the bathroom, I had three very intense contractions. I kept trying to make my way back to the bed but there seemed to be one contraction on top of the other. I finally took advantage after the third one and headed back into the room. John came in with his plate of breakfast and I annoyingly complained about how bad my bathroom experience was.

I climbed back into bed and told the nurses how bad the contractions had been and they figured that since I was going to be getting an epidural and not walking around that they would put the regular monitor back on. Things were getting quite painful at this time and the anesthetist had finally shown up. They sent John out of the room (apparently this anesthetist doesn’t allow others to be in the room at the time of placement). They had asked if I could sit up but I was continuing to have contractions that seemed to be coming one right after the other so it took a moment to get there. I was able to get myself up so she began to start the numbing process on my back. It felt like things were taking a million years at this point and the doctor had made her way back to the room. I told her that I really wanted to start pushing. I wasn’t even sure if my body was ready but I just really wanted the contractions to stop. She told the anesthetist to stop the numbing process, we never even had time to start the epidural). John made his way back into the room and I laid back down and the doctor said I was dilated to a 9 and that if I felt like I needed to push that it was okay to start. With the thought of getting the horrible contractions to stop, I pushed with all my might. After two pushes, Lucille made her way into the world at 9:20 AM, weighing 6 lbs 12 oz on her due date (August 29).

I still cannot believe how fast everything went. When I woke up that Wednesday at 5 AM, I sure did not think that I would not need to be induced and have a completely un-medicated, natural delivery 4 hours later. I definitely thought that both of my labors would involve an epidural, but I guess Lucille had other thoughts in mind. I’m just so glad that she was small, and everything happened faster than my brain could process it, ha! At noon that day, I looked at John while holding Luci and said “how in the world have we only been here for 6 hours?!”

Because of the successful labor and the fact that Luci and I had no complications, we were able to leave the hospital the next evening. I would definitely have to say that exercise, eating healthy foods, drinking lots and lots of water each day, and having regular chiropractic appointments made all the difference in my pregnancy and delivery. I still can’t believe that on Saturday she will have already been in this world for a whole month. I couldn’t imagine our lives without her anymore. Our family is complete.


photo credit: Riutta Images
photo credit: Riutta Images
photo credit: Riutta Images
photo credit: Riutta Images


2 thoughts on “Lucille Rae Hart: A Birth Story”

  1. Omgosh that is an amazing story💚 Be happy she came naturally because being induced is awful. Also, you are one strong woman to be able to go through that without any meds 😮


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