My Current Fitness Routine

New Year, New Me? Nah, still just the same old me trying to keep up with some sort of a fitness routine. If you’ve been following me at all, you might know that I’ve been working my way through many different fitness routines after having Lincoln. I’ve written many blog posts talking about my weight loss journey, transformations, meal-prepping, etc.

In case you haven’t heard the story, I’ll make it short and sweet. I was always quite athletic growing up, I gave just about every sport a try. In college I began to make rather poor food choices (like most 20 year-olds do), and it eventually started to catch up to me. When I got pregnant, I was already at the heaviest weight that I had ever been. I kind of took the whole “eating for two” thing a little more seriously than I should have. After Lincoln was born, I was pretty upset with myself for getting to be as unhealthy as I was. It took me a little while to get started but at first, but eventually I tried a lot of different at-home workout programs since Lincoln was a newborn and I didn’t have much time to leave my house. I would go back and forth, doing them here and there, never really sticking to one. That pretty much went on for a year until I eventually just flat out felt gross. And I’m not even talking about looks here, I just literally felt unhealthy. I was eating and drinking a lot of junk and my belly was trying to tell me that. I realized that I definitely needed a change mainly because I just wanted to feel better. In November 2015 (I think, man, the years are really blurring together now), John and I decided to commit to the Beachbody program “Insanity” and stick to meal-prepping. Somehow, we made it happen, finished the whole 60 day program at the start of 2016, and lost quite a bit of weight equally. I think doing this program from start-to-finish and realizing how good my body felt, made me realize that it was possible to feel good again. Over the course of the next year, John and I took up running as a hobby, completed a couple different 5k and 5-mile races in the area, and stuck with different at home programs in our own time. Around this time, I had lost about 50(+/-) pounds since having Lincoln and I felt great.

I’m really glad to say that I never went back to eating the way that I did before Lincoln and I stuck with many different fitness routines. I’ve been able to keep all of that weight off and I feel really great, mentally and physically. Of course that doesn’t mean I don’t indulge in sweets, pizza, and burgers. Sometimes I have them multiple times in a week even! I still have good weeks and bad weeks, but it’s the balance that I’ve found that makes it easy to stick with.

Now that I made the story probably much longer than I had planned, and to get back to the point of where I was trying to go with this post: my current fitness routine. In October, I decided to muster up the courage to buy a gym membership. Now for some, getting a gym membership isn’t a big deal, but for some reason, my head made me think that it was. After doing so many at-home workouts where I followed an instructor on the screen the entire time, I felt like I had no idea what to do in a gym. I decided to choose one of our small fitness centers that the average member age was about 65+. Somehow, this made me feel a little bit better about what I was doing. Since October, I’ve continued to renew my monthly membership at the gym and I really do enjoy it now. It’s just become part of my morning routine. Wake up, get Lincoln ready, drop him off at daycare, go to the gym + listen to my podcasts, and then go home to get ready for work.

As mentioned, I was worried about not knowing what to do in the gym when I got my membership, but then I remembered a couple summers ago during my at-home workout phase, I had purchased an e-book called “The Forever Fit Guide” from Ledbetter Inc. Sadly, I tried to look it up to attach it to this post and it seems that they no longer have it for purchase. But, it’s an 8-week gym course that gradually challenges you each week. There are four different weeks and each one you do twice, consisting of a upper body day, HIIT day, lower body day, cardio day, and a full body day. It’s nice because that means I only have to spend Monday-Friday in the gym and on the weekends I typically try to get outside to get some exercise, and sometimes I just don’t do anything at all.

I’m currently finishing up my second round of this 8-week course and I’m looking for something different. What are some of your favorite fitness routines? Where do you find all of the workouts you do in the gym?

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