Our First Year with Jerry

If you’re a parent (or even if you’re not) you may have heard about that little ol’ elf that keeps showing up at family’s houses around Christmas time and causing all sorts of problems. Well, if you’re crazy like me, maybe you’ve even participated in this madness. Now that Lincoln is 3, I thought it would be a good time to try out this tradition. I was always loving every “Elf on the Shelf” post that I would see on social media, and I felt that I was creative enough to take on this challenge.

We (I guess I should say I since my husband thinks I’m crazy) brought our Elf on the Shelf out a couple days after Thanksgiving. I bought the bundle on Amazon that has an elf and the book. The first night I had set him up on top of Lincoln’s racetrack that he likes to refer to as his “Lookout Tower” (thanks to Paw Patrol). I set up the elf with a little note saying “Hi Lincoln!” and the book resting on the tower.

Needless to say, Lincoln was very confused when he came downstairs that morning and I told him he couldn’t touch that toy or the elf for the whole day. I made a note to myself after the first day to try not to use particular toys that he loved so he wouldn’t mind leaving it be for the whole day. We read the book together and I could tell that he understood it to a point. I tried to give him some options of different elf names, “Larry, Gary…” and Lincoln went with “Jerry”. I’m not sure how he even knew that was a name but now that is the name of his elf. To be completely honest, I’ve actually really enjoyed setting Jerry up in different places each night. Some require a little more time and effort than others but it’s cute to hear Lincoln every morning say, “silly Jerry!” whenever he finds him.

Here are the different places Jerry has been in the past couple of weeks. Is Elf on the Shelf a tradition in your home, too? What other holiday traditions do you love to do each year?

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