Baby “norms”

Like many new mothers, I’ve “researched” the web many times trying to find out what new stage in Lincoln’s life will be like. In those searches you find out things like when babies begin to hold their head up, sit on their own, eat solid foods, crawl, etc. 

Sometimes these things can drive a new mom crazy. “Why isn’t he sitting up yet, the Internet says he’s supposed to be sitting up!” Of course new mothers, including me, all know that every baby is different and every baby grows at their own pace, but these “norms” can drive a new mom kind of bonkers. Basically, the Internet can drive a new mom bonkers. We don’t even have to be searching for a question online but just scrolling Facebook I’ve been guilty in seeing another new mom’s baby doing something before Lincoln started doing it and I think to myself, “have I done something wrong?!” Of course I haven’t, and usually no new mom is really doing anything wrong, it’s hard to put a time frame on when a new baby will do things, but with lovely things like the Internet it’s hard not to expect a time frame. 

We recently moved Lincoln to his own room, he had been sleeping in his own bed in our room but wasn’t sleeping straight through the night yet (which according to the Internet happens around 4-5 months for some babies). It was easier for me to get up and walk a step away to his bed if he would wake up and need some readjusting. He would always fall asleep within a few minutes but I felt like if we had him in his room then I would wake up more if I had to walk down the hall to do that. Plus I was being a new mom and was worried something would happen during the night and I wouldn’t be right there to fix it.

Anyways, back to the point I was trying to make here.. I’ve been “expecting” Lincoln to sleep through the night (from when he goes to bed at 9 until about 7 am) for basically 3 months now because that’s what the Internet told me would happen, and that’s what I’ve heard from other mothers. But like I’ve learned, I need to stop “expecting” things and wait for them to happen on their own. Of course I know that there are LOTS of babies in the world that don’t sleep through the night until they are like 5 years old! (I’ve just been secretly hoping Lincoln wasn’t one of those babies.) But, it’s fine if he is because he’s my baby and whatever is his “norm” is okay with me.


The simple things

This past weekend consisted of a lot of happy, but simple things. Sometimes I think life gets too busy and it’s really easy to let the little moments pass us by. 

On Friday, we were hit with a winter storm warning, which is nothing out of the ordinary for April in Upper Michigan. But, also on Friday, Lincoln started to learn his ‘m’s, so now I’m hearing a lot of “mama”. Of course I don’t think he makes the connection of what he’s saying to it meaning his mama, but it still something I love to hear.

On Saturday, the weather made it up to the 50’s or maybe even 60’s and you couldn’t even tell it had snowed the day before. We enjoyed the day to the fullest. We went for a nice long walk around town to feel the sunshine and also cleaned up the yard a bit. We cooked pork in the crockpot all day long for pulled pork sandwiches and had some family come over to enjoy them. 

Sunday was another beautiful day and my mom came over to watch Lincoln so John and I could go to a movie together. It was the first time we’ve gone to a movie in theaters since June, and it was also the first time we’ve left the house at the same time without Lincoln with us! We got another walk in during the evening and the weather was still in the 70’s.

It may not sound like the most exciting of weekends, but like I said, it’s the little, simple things that mean the most. The simple pleasures of Lincoln and watching him learn, good weather, great company, and delicious food. I am so thankful for this life I live. 


Dear Lincoln {7 months}

Dear Lincoln,

This sure has been a month of growth! You grew two new teeth and are starting to army crawl. You’ve got the world at your fingers and your parents wrapped around them.

This month has consisted of a lot of playing indoors. It’s still not quite warm enough to venture outside yet, sadly living in the U.P., spring doesn’t always mean spring weather. But now that you’re learning how to move on your own, playing inside is just fine. It’s so fun to watch you go from toy to toy all on your own, it definitely is more fun for you too!

You like to sit on your own, but you still tend to fall over because you get excited about it! You have picked out a few of your toys as your favorites, like your Sophie giraffe and your rolling, crawling ball.

You are also starting to learn to drink out of a cup, and that can be fun to watch too! We just had you try green beans for the first time and I think those might be your new favorite.

You’re taking less short naps during the day and about 2 long naps instead, which I’m totally okay with! You love to go on car rides still and those help put you to sleep too.

You’re growing so fast, I think by next month when I write your blog post you will have the hang of crawling down, and maybe even a few more teeth!

I love watching you grow, I’m glad I get to be your mom!


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