Dear Lincoln {5 months}

Dear Lincoln,

Wow, 5 months already! It’s hard to believe that next month will already be your half birthday! Time is flying by and I’m so glad I get to spend these precious moments with you!

This month was a little more relaxed for us, which is good! You had a busy couple of months since you’ve been born. It was a pretty chilly January so we spent a lot of the time inside. This meant we both had to get our exercise somehow! I started a new workout routine this month and so did you (well kinda!) You enjoyed time in your jumparoo watching me sweat!

We went to plenty of grandpa’s hockey games this month and you were great at all of them! We also ventured up to Copper Harbor one day to see all the pretty snow on the trees, but I think you slept the whole time!

You started to eat rice cereal this month and really like it! You also like to try and eat with the spoon yourself so it makes for a messy meal, but that’s okay, it’s great to watch you learn how to do new things. I can’t wait to try vegetables next!

You sure are a rollie-pollie-ollie this month. Now that you can roll both ways it’s hard to keep you in one place. You’re also trying to scoot around on the floor but you can only do it if your head is on the ground. I can tell you’re gonna be all over the place pretty soon!

I’m excited to see what’s in store for this next month. Maybe you’ll finally be getting those teeth that seem like you’ve been getting for a while. We’ll also be taking your first road trip to Minneapolis and we’ll go to the Mall of America so there will be plenty for you to look at there! Hopefully this next month will be a little warmer so we can venture outside too!


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